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The difference between tube and flat tube of PET braided network tube

There are 2 kinds of PET woven net tube market, one is round tube, one is flat tube. As the name suggests, the pipe is a round port, and the flat tube is a flat shape. What's the difference between them? What should we choose? The following small editor for everyone to parse.

First is the difference in application, round tube fixed round port, more convenient to plug in the wire harness, but the general customer is not used for wire harness protection, but more for the low end market, such as jumping toys. The circular port can stand well and play the bouncing function, and the flat shape PET weave field is used to protect the car, space and cross. Wire harness protection, such as through, equipment, can be extended to a certain extent to play a beautiful, insulating, flame retardant, protective role.

Then the difference between the raw materials, pipe because of the general use of low end products, without any quality requirements, only need to have elasticity, so the raw material is more inferior, thus reducing the cost, such as a big jump toy is 0.5 yuan, so the pet weave network pipe is 0.2 meters (12mm), if the PET network pipe is expensive, A bouncing toy can't be sold out. And solid brocade PET woven network tube (flat) is based on the car harness protection standard, the use of all new fuel production, environmental protection, flame retardant, will be more expensive than the round pipe.

Then is the performance difference, the performance of the circular pipe is mainly elastic, telescopic; and flat PET braided network pipe is mainly wear-resistant, beautiful, flame-retardant, environmental protection, insulation.

Finally, the price difference, flat PET braided network management material expensive, good performance, cost will be a little more expensive.

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