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How much do you know about the price of self winding textile sleeve

Self winding textile casing, easy to use, environmentally friendly flame retardant, has been favored by many customers in recent years, especially in the field of car harness, and the price of self winding casing is relatively affordable to other bushings, but it is not the same in the market. How should we choose it? Firstly, with the introduction of Gujin Industrial Co., Ltd., several factors affecting the price of self-winding casing are introduced.

1. Textile materials

Materials determine performance, for example, all self - coil textile sleeves of Gu Jin industry use environmentally friendly flame retardant materials, so the cost will be a little higher than some non - Flame Retardant and non - environmental products on the market.

Two. Textile Technology

This is mainly related to the technology of textile machinery and technical personnel. It can be clearly seen from the product. Every textile process of our products is very exquisite, not picky and very beautiful.

Three, single purchase quantity

All the factories like this, unlike the electronic city, Taobao and other retail, the price is generally decreasing with the increase in quantity, because the less the quantity, logistics costs, personnel labor costs and so on.

Three. Color

The color self-winding sleeve is usually about 10% more expensive, because there is an additional dyeing process, and there is a certain amount of order, if there is no spot.

Four. Whether or not to cut

As a result of use, some customers will require cutting to the specified length, so there are many cutting processes in the production process. This is mainly the factory, which generally provides free cutting.

Five, service and security

As Ma Yun said, there is no price, talk about what services, talk about what quality. Service and after-sales need to undertake certain risks and responsibilities, in addition to the need for artificial costs, some companies have not sold before and after sale, and there is no product quality guarantee. The price of the self winding casing is naturally different.

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