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Precautions for the use of protective casing products

The protective casing is a closed casing, and the self winding and zipper sleeve is different from the magic plaster, but it is more inconvenient. But because of its unique performance, it is very popular. Although it is simple, we need to pay attention to the common use process.

Protective sleeve, also known as hollow belt, protective sleeve, made of polyester filament or nylon textile, with oil and dust absorption, anti-wear and noise reduction, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof lamp features. It can be widely used in industrial equipment, agricultural equipment, rail transit and other fields to play a protective role.

Because of the closed casing, we need to know the maximum outer diameter of the product before the purchase, and then the protective casing specifications need to be selected a little bit, in order to string and pipe. Normally, if it is used to wrap a pipe or wire, it is suggested that the protective casing specification should be selected about 2mm. If it is used to wear a number of pipes or wire harnesses, a large 5mm sleeve can be used.

In addition, due to the closure of the protection casing needs a locking process to prevent the dispersion, so when inspecting the goods, it is suggested that the transverse pull the port, whether or not to crack, of course, the general situation is not to appear this problem, in case of the case.

In the course of use, after cutting to the required length, it is suggested to use lighters at both ends of the protective sleeve to burn, on the one hand, it is beautiful, on the other hand, to prevent loose ends.

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