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Generation PTFE Braided bushing
product details

1、Woven from Teflon (PTFE) fiber and polyester/cotton fiber, it is suitable for the lining of automobile stabilizer bar, reducing and eliminating chassis noise, improving the anti-rolling response speed of the car's cornering, and extending the stabilizer bar and its village cover. The service life.

2、A classic part that provides a smooth, low-friction internal structure inside the plain bearing using PTFE and friction coefficient, especially in low-speed heavy loads.

3、The front side is woven from PTFE fiber and is a sliding work surface. The reverse side is woven from polyester-cotton fiber. It is the reference surface for reinforcing and fixing PTFE fiber.

4、Provides spare parts for GAC Chuanqi, Chery, Zotye, Geely, Jianghuai, Dongfeng, Great Wall, General Motors, etc.


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