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Aluminum foil bellows
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1. Light weight, arbitrary bending, straightening and easy installation.

2. It has good pressure resistance, good air conditioning characteristics, low friction loss and noise, no leakage, easy to cut, connect or mix.

3. Oil resistance, corrosion resistance, friction and fire resistance, aging resistance, vibration resistance, high temperature resistance. It is suitable for air intake and ventilation system of engine, air filter, cold and hot air of all kinds of cars, minicars, buses and trucks. Glass fiber aluminum foil bellows are the protection of cold and hot gas isolation, transportation and cable harness in automobile, aviation, ship and other industries. It has the characteristics of water resistance, oil resistance and aging resistance, 180 degrees of free bending, long compression without flanging, non delamination and non deformation, and has certain radial pressure resistance and expansion properties. It is now widely used in the world. General application.


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